Around Dapoli - Mahabaleshwar of Konkan

Dapoli is a place with a series of beaches starting from the Dabhol Creek extending upto Kelshi in the north. Kolthare, a very secluded beach is the southern most beach in this stretch. From Kolthare to Burundi, Ladghar - Tamas Thertha, Karde, Murud, Harnai, Anjarle, Ade to Kelshi this seemingly endless stretch of beaches continues on and on.

Murud (Harnai) Beach
Located on this beautiful coastline, Murud is a small town about 11km from Dapoli. A long, scenic stretch of a beach with swaying palms and an ancient Durga Devi temple are its primary attractions. Towards the northern side you can see Suvarnadurga, kanakdurga and harnai light house where as on left hand side, there is Karde beach. Ahead of the Harnai Beach is the Harnai port which is a natural Habour.

Anjarle 26 km from Dapoli offer some very scenic view atop the hills. Famous for the Ganesh temple upon a cliff the idol of Ganapati here has it trunk curved towards the right. Don't miss to take the Ade - Anjarle road which passes along the coast.

Keshavraj (Vishnu) and Vyaghreshwar (Shiva) Temple
The famous ancient temples of Shree Keshavraj (Vishnu) and Shree Vyagreshwar (Siva) are located at Asud, at a distance of just 8 km from Dapoli on the Dapoli - Harnai road.

Konkan Krishi Vidypeeth
Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidypeeth with the jurisdiction of five district of Maharashtra state is on the way to Ladghar from Dapoli.
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